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At Red Newt Bikes, we’re passionate about bicycles. We believe that bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities’ complex problems. Bikes are great for your personal health and for the health of our environment. Bikes can help you save money on transportation, and bikes can provide you with endless miles of fun with your family and friends.

We want to help connect you to the gear and the groups that will support and celebrate your style of cycling.

We want your time at our shop to be a friendly, encouraging experience.  We want you to feel comfortable stopping by – ask a question, connect with others interested in outdoor activities, pick up something that will help you enjoy your journey. We hope you’ll be a lifelong customer.

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Dave Walsh, owner, Red Newt Bikes

Dave Walsh

Sometimes referred to as the “accidental advocate”, Dave started bicycling to work as a way to reduce his carbon footprint (and you can often see him out on the streets commuting on his Salsa Fargo). He since served as a Board member of the Virginia Bicycle Federation, the Rockbridge Area Conservation Council’s Transportation Committee, and continues advocating for safer road markings, more bike lanes and other actions to make Virginia even MORE bicycle friendly than it already is.  Dave helped organize and coach a local NICA team and is passionate about helping people feel safe while enjoying cycling. 

Dave graduated from Barnett Bicycle Institute and the Appalachian Bicycle Institute. He is a member of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association as well as the National Bicycle Dealers Association. He is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Safety Instructor, a graduate of Adventure Cycling Association’s Leading Tours Training Program, is certified in Wilderness First Aid, and is a member of the  Bicycle Tour Network Association.

Dave loves the history, the flora and fauna, the views and the feeling after a good day’s ride. He loves sharing the sites and stories of Virginia with cyclists of all levels and ability. In a group ride, he tends to ride “sweep”, bringing up the rear while sharing information and observations about the area and the experience. Dave tends to be kind of quiet a lot of the time, but his wit and wisdom never fail to engage those who connect with him.

Tasha Walsh, owner, Red Newt Bikes

Tasha Walsh

Tasha started her adult riding on a hand-me-down 1970 something Schwinn, then graduated to a second-hand Bianchi geared for flatlands. There were many a hill that she walked that bike up, but her love of being outdoors and moving on the road kept her going. These days she rides bikes made for the Appalachians (her favorite is a Surly Longhaul Trucker) and she still tends to be the last one to the top of a rise, enjoying the ride along the way. Tasha is also a graduate of Adventure Cycling Association’s Leading Tours Training Program, a League Certified Instructor, and an American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor.

Tasha’s background includes experience organizing and facilitating group adventures. She loves creating space and opportunity for people to enjoy themselves and have unforgettable positive experiences. Her jovial nature and positive, encouraging outlook relaxes and connects with those around her

Asa Crickenberger - Red Newt Bikes

Asa Crickenberger

Asa was born with a natural curiosity for anything with moving parts. He began taking things apart to see how they worked just as soon as he could hold tools. It was not very long before he could even put some things back together. As a little kid riding bikes was part of his daily activities and so was the maintenance on them. He spent many summer days fixing endless flats and building what he could out of scrap bikes and parts. Bikes have always represented a sense of freedom to Asa. After graduating high school Asa pursued a career in auto mechanics and attended and graduated from Nascar Technical Institute. Several years after graduating he started Rockbridge Motor Sports with his friend Josh West. They had every intention of running a motorcycle shop but ended up working on just about anything. After many years of running this business Asa began to feel like he was heading in the wrong direction and closed the shop. Since then he has dabbled in landscaping and other odds jobs but often found himself thinking about and working on bikes. Bikes still bring him the sense of freedom that they did when he was a kid and he is always down for a bike adventure. Now he has landed at Red Newt Bikes where he plans to direct his natural mechanical aptitude to his lifelong passion of bicycles.

Bryan Walsh, bike mechanic, Red Newt Bikes

Bryan Walsh

Bryan is passionate about getting outdoors and taking journeys.  After living on the trail while completing the Triple Crown of hiking (the AT, CDT, and PCT), his love of outdoor adventure is now focused on helping people get out on their bikes. He has joined the team to help spruce up older bikes, fix up broken bikes, and build up new bikes. Bryan has an ability to tackle things that seem difficult and break them down into doable steps and can help others do the same.  He provides the brawn behind our pick-up and delivery service and his attention to detail assures our customers are satisfied!

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